The Main Functions Of A Health System

The Main Functions Of A Health System


The format for the paper ill be as follows:
– Respond to each topic in 1 – 1.5 pages.
– Answer each question of the topic to receive full credit.
– 12 Font, Times New Roman, Double spaced.

TOPIC #1- Social Determinants of Health
– What are the determinants of health?
– How do they relate to health outcomes?
– A common determinant of health is where you live. If you live in Flint, Michigan (affected by a water impurity crises) what does this mean for your present and long term health?

TOPIC #2 – Health Systems
– What are the main functions of a health system?
– What are the major differences between the public and private sector?
– Compare two countries from two different income groups. What are the major differences between them?

TOPIC #3 – Health, Education, Poverty, and the Economy
– What are the links between health, education, poverty, and the economy?
– What is the difference between equality and equity? Name an example of each.
– What is the connection between health disparities and gender? Name examples of links between the two.

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