The Middle East: Final Research Project: Module 8, chapters 18 through the conclusion of the book, begins with a discussion of nativism versus demands for “rights.” These two key issues evolved into the situation in which we are currently living, beginning with 9/11 (Sept 11, 2001) and culminating in the Arab Uprisings (chapter 19) and creation of ISIS (Conclusion). Based on these three chapters complete the following for your final exam:

Write a four-page essay
Entitle it “The Middle East.”
Discuss the political situation of the Middle East today.

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The Middle East today

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Be sure and include information from all three of the chapters, including nativism, Arab Uprisings, and ISIS.

Conclude your essay with your opinions as to the future status of the Middle East. What will it look like 10 years from now? 100 years?

The Middle East: A History, 5th ed., by James L. Gelvin.  Oxford University Press, 2020.  ISBN: 9780190074067

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