The Most Interesting Thing About African Wild Dogs

The Most Interesting Thing About African Wild Dogs


You will prepare a 2 page “Info brief” about your assigned species. An Info Brief is a mixed-format document, like a flier, used to share information quickly (see examples below). The goal is to provide people with information that the can access (read/ observe) and understand quickly to help them make decisions. Think of this as something you would hand to a stranger on the street if you were trying to convince them to give money to an organization that is working on the conservation of your species.

You will get the information for your info brief from:

The IUNS Red List
Class slides (use the species distribution map from the IUNS Red List)
One scientific journal article, found using a Google Scholar search with the scientific name for your species.
Your Info Brief must include:

The name of your species in English or other languages, if there is one
The Scientific name of your species (using Italics)
A short description of the species
A map of the species range
A photo of the species
What sort of African environment and ecosystem is this species found in (a.k.a. Habitat)?
The Conservation Status of your animal, as reported on the IUCN Redlist
Threats to the species conservation and the ways the species interacts with humans?
Something new or interesting. What is the most interesting thing about this species?

Endangered Species:African Wild Dogs

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