The Nature of Knowing Ass2: Write an 8-page paper using APA 7 style and format.
Dissecting a Quantitative Research Report (SLOs 3, 4, and 5;)
For this assignment, identify a current (within the last five years) quantitative research report from a peer-reviewed journal. (Article website is below copy and paste)
Discuss the purpose of the four main sections in a research report, Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion.
Then, dissect the quantitative report to identify and provide a notation and the page number for each of these sub-components: the problem addressed in the study (research problem), the theoretical framework, research questions, the population and sample, the tools for measurement used, the design and research procedures, statistical tests, and the findings.
Finally, discuss the potential limitations of this study.

Grading Rubric

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The Nature of Knowing Ass2

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The Nature of Knowing: The Scientific Method
Clearly identify the background/rationale, research problem, theoretical framework, and major research findings that support the theory and search questions or hypotheses.
Adequately describes the appropriateness of the study’s methodology, including the population, sample, measurement instrument(s), research design, and data collection procedures.

Appropriately identify the primary type of statistical analysis that was used to analyze the data without the use of direct quotes. Distinguishes between the two main research paradigms using appropriate examples and accurately describes a quantitative or qualitative scenario.
Adequately describes the study’s findings and how it supports or refutes the theory presented in the literature review.

Critiques the study identifying both the authors’ limitations and presents additional limitations.

APA Style
Citations are included and written in the correct APA 7 style.

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