Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information.

[Summarize the business problem, country selected, and intended audience for this business brief. Make sure to use complete sentences.]

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The Purpose of Global Expansion

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Section One: Drivers for Global Entry
[Explain the purpose of global expansion, the business and societal impacts of global business, and cultural considerations for global business. Use evidence from course and outside resources to support your explanations, and use complete sentences.]

Section Two: Market Profile
Complete the tables below to use data and statistics to support your comparisons. Words, phrases, and numbers should be used to complete the tables, not complete sentences.

[Compare and contrast important political and economic factors for your selected market against those in the domestic market, including political systems, current leaders, and economic measures or characteristics used in classification.]

[Compare and contrast important market considerations for your selected market against those in the domestic market. Explain the similarities, differences, and considerations for conducting business between the two markets, such as general legal and regulatory requirements, monetary and management logistics, and mode-of-entry considerations.]

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