The Purpose Of Systematic Exploration Of Solution Fragments

The Purpose Of Systematic Exploration Of Solution Fragments


Right or wrong? (Correct answer: +1 points, wrong answer: -2 points, no answer: -1 points).
Video recording and observations are used to identify silent needs.

External driving forces for Design for Environment (Environmentally Adapted Design) consist of DFE goals within the company

The advantage of the Stage process is that it gives “a glimpse into the future”, ie. information from later phases can be used in concept development and requirements specification.

Stage-gate is a process that emphasizes flexibility and iteration.

For process-intensive products, the product design cannot be separated from the design of the production process.

A customer need always consists of a criterion (eg: assembly time) and a value (eg, less than 55
A life cycle analysis is always quantitative.
It is common to use 2 or 3 specialized prototypes to examine the overall performance of the product.
Volvo’s Global Product Development Process is an example of the Spiral process.
A concept combination table uses selection criteria and +/- grades to select concepts.
To avoid a compression of the scale in a concept scoring matrix, different reference points can be used for different selection criteria.
A concept combination table shows the transfer and conversion of energy as well as material movement within the system and signals.
Notes are good for documenting how customers use a product and for identifying silent needs.

2) Dynapac Compaction Equipment (DCE) is a Swedish company that manufactures construction machinery and recently presented its new range of lightweight packing equipment (see image below).

Can you categorize it as the ‘opportunity’ based on the uncertainty horizon that the team was faced with during the development? Should ‘opportunity’ be classified as Horizon-1, Horizon-2 or Horizon-3? Why?

(for more info about the product and Dynapac: https://dynapac.com/eu-se/news/dynapac-scandinavia-showcasing-light-equipment).

3) NewBike AB is a newly established company that invests in fast iterations and cross-functional integration in product development. What do you think is the most appropriate choice of organizational structure for the company? Why?

4) Why is a structured process of concept selection better than a process based on intuition and personal preferences? What is the purpose of “concept screening” and “concept scoring”? Why do you do a “screening” before we do a (more detailed) scoring?

5) Manufacturing-adapted construction
a. How to define DFA-Index?
b. How to maximize the ease of assembly of a product?
c. How does the product development process affect DFM decisions?
d. What is the ‘minimum theoretical assembly time’ for the product shown in the figure?

6) Can you list the main advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of renderings and / or user interface prototypes very early in the product development process?

7) What is a competitor chart? Why is it an important tool to support the decision-making process when defining specifications for a product?

8) Why is it important to organize and synthesize concept fragments during concept generation? What is the purpose of systematic exploration of solution fragments?

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