The purpose of this presentation is to apply ethical standards and Christian principles in a human services setting by analyzing the Orphan Train. Present and share what you have learned in your learning team. During Unit 1, your learning team will be formed and assigned to one character in order to analyze considerations relevant to her era. For example:

Your learning team should:

  1. Summarize the character’s situation and describe how human services professionals are involved.
  2. Address the ethical considerations and analyze how they were addressed in the book.
  3. Discuss what Christian principles relate to the ethical treatment of these characters and how a human services professional could intervene using ethical, Christian principles.

Your learning team will share its information using a visual aid, (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) with a minimum of 5 slides. Cite relevant information in a Reference slide at the end of the presentation using APA format.

Submit visual aids to assignment link in the course site.