For this paper, you will write a dialogue between you and an imaginary Socrates. You will debate the question of…

August 13, 2021

Assignment 1: Technology: Sharing Knowledge with Social Bookmarking

August 13, 2021

Based on the assigned reading and viewing of the video, discuss the following:

  • In what ways did the Renaissance reflect the ideas and forms of Greco-Roman antiquity and also challenge the worldview and norms of medieval Europe? How did Renaissance scholars, writers, artists, and architects exhibit new perspectives?
  • What one work of art, architecture, literature, or science do you think best exemplifies the Renaissance spirit and values, and how?
  • Overall, what would you identify as the Renaissance’s most important contributions and achievements to Western civilization, and to our own time?
  • What did you find the most interesting or helpful idea from the video.

Note: In your discussion, be sure to show evidence of reading the textbook and viewing the video. No other sources are required to fulfill this assignment.


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