The Role Of STM In Higher Order Cognitive Processes

The Role Of STM In Higher Order Cognitive Processes


We’ll explore the issues related to and the importance of STM.

You should select a SINGLE everyday higher order cognitive process (e.g., following a recipe, driving, meeting people at a party, etc.) of YOUR OWN CHOOSING and discuss the role of STM in the process.

Make sure

1) the process is cognitive and

2) the process is focused on STM not LTM or attention or some other stage of the IPM. Discuss the impact on the selected process of STM being impaired. Be specific in your description of the impact. Note at least 3 specific effects one might see if a person attempting your cognitive process was suffering from STM loss and explain how the possible effect is the result of a STM impairment.

Your response should be about 1.5 pages double-spaced in MS-Word. It should include the following information following the basic structure below.

Higher Order Cognitive Task: ————–

Description of task and role of STM in Higher Order Cognitive Task: ————————–

Three specific effects each with an explanation of why such an effect would be observed with a STM impairment.

1. ——–

2. ——–

3. ——–

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