The Role Of Women In The Progressive Era

The Role Of Women In The Progressive Era


One of the main jobs of historians is to interpret the past by reviewing primary documents, scholarly secondary sources, and then creating an analysis of this research. After reading your text and reviewing the assigned materials, submit a thesis-driven paper examining the role of women in the Progressive Era and the battle for women’s suffrage. You might want to consider the following questions, but you are not limited to them: What roles did women play in the Progressive Era? Why was it important that they have the right to vote to fulfill those roles? What were the arguments in favor of granting women the right to vote? What were some of the arguments against doing so?

This assignment should be 500 words in length. For full credit, your paper must not simply sum up the reading or repeat points made there. Rather, create your own interpretation and discuss some original insight. Include Turabian-style citations as needed. Be sure to stay in third-person throughout the paper.

Resources: The Progressive Era

use these resources to prepare for your writing assignment:

Women and the Progressive Movement
Women’s Suffrage in the Progressive Era
Women and the Alphabet
Why Women Should Vote
Robert La Follette on Women’s Public Role
The Importance of Women’s Influence
The Remonstrance Against Women’s Suffrage
Opposition to Women’s Suffrage

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