The Significance Of The Acronym “SCORE”

The Significance Of The Acronym “SCORE”


Part 1: Evaluate the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs of manage stakeholder engagement.

What role does a communications management plan play in helping the project manager manage stakeholder engagement?

Part 2: Read Case Study: “Solenoid Electric India Limited – Using Its Core Values to Lead the Way in Effective Stakeholder Engagement Management” on page 196 and answer questions 1-5 on page 200.

Identify Solenoid Electric’s key external stakeholders.
What are Solenoid’s stakeholder engagement strategies?
What is the significance of the acronym “SCORE” in this case?
How does Solenoid Electric manage engagement with its customers?
What are the lessons learned from this case?
Write a 3-4 page paper in the form of an essay.

The paper must include an introduction, body and conclusion.
Include a title page and a reference page (these do not count toward the three page requirement).
Follow APA (current edition) format.
Use information from the text, other scholarly sources, and your personal experiences (if applicable) to support your answer.

Mastering Project Human Resource Management: Effectively Organize and Communicate with all Project Stakeholders, Harjit Singh, 2015, Pearson Education

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