The Steps In The Ethical Decision-Making Framework

The Steps In The Ethical Decision-Making Framework


M: Marketing, 6th Edition | McGraw-Hill | Grewal & Levy | ISBN: 978-1259924033
this is the book for the assignment you have to use.

  1. What is the difference between conscious marketing and corporate social responsibility? Give an example of each (not listed in the book).
  2. Identify the steps in the ethical decision-making framework.
  3. What is the difference between the immediate environment and the macroenvironment?
  4. What are the six key macroenvironmental factors?
  5. Describe the difference between functional and psychological needs. Give an example (not listed in the book or lecture).
  6. What are the differences between compensatory and non-compensatory decision rules?
  7. Give an example of limited problem solving and extended problem solving (not listed in the book or lecture).


  1. Answer Lecture Question Here.

Lecture Question

Question 8: There are a four main factors that affect the consumer decision process. The elements of the marketing mix (product, place, promotion, and price) have significant effects on the process. Situational factors can also impact a purchase situation, like the store setting or even the time of day. Third, psychological factors that influence purchase decisions can include motives, attitudes, perceptions, learning, and lifestyle. And fourth, social factors, such as family and culture, influence not only what a consumer buys, but also how a consumer goes about making a purchase decision. This brings us to this week’s lecture question!! sit down and take some time to really pay attention and read pages 126-134 covering these factors in greater detail. After you do this, relate each of the four factors in Exhibit 6.4 to a personal buying experience. Give me a short example of each of these four factors impacting the consumer decision process. For example, an appropriate response for one of these would be: “I always buy two eight-packs of yogurt during my weekly shop because my husband and I both like to eat one for breakfast everyday. A social factor (family) has impacted the amount of products I buy.” Those two sentences would be enough for that one factor. You only need to give one example each for marketing mix, one for psychological factors, one for situational factors, and one for social factors (four total).

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