The student is to only use the English Standard Version of the Bible (ESV) for the completion of this project.

  1. Structural Analysis
    • Identify the key center of the passage.
    • Identify the paragraph points of the passage in the writer’s own words 
    • In a paragraph identify how the biblical writer develops the truth in the passage. 
    • Give special attention to issues of form and genre (literary type).
  2. Situation Analysis
  • In a paragraph summarize the situation the writer is writing to, from and/or about.
  1. Purpose Analysis
  • In a paragraph summarize the writer’s or God’s purpose for writing the passage.
  1. Supplementary Studies
    1. Word Studies. 
      1. Include a revised version of the Word Study assignment.
      2. Include footnotes.
      3. Cross Reference studies. 
        1.  Include a revised version of the Cross References assignment.
      4. Preceding & Following Context
        1. Comments regarding the relationship of the passage under study to the one preceding and following it. (Two to three sentences for each.)
      5. Personal Observations. 
        1. Include a revised version of the Observation assignment.
      6. Commentary Work. 
        1. Include a revised version of the Commentary assignment.
      7. Interpretation Paragraph
        1. In a paragraph, the student will summarize the meaning of the entire passage. 

Provide the following.

  1. Central Idea of the Text
  2. Central Idea of the Sermon
  3. Specific Objective
  4. Sermon Outline
    1. Sermon Title
    2. Creative Introduction for the Passage
    3. Paragraph Title (One for each paragraph in the passage)
      1. Interpretive Discussion for each Paragraph
        1. (One for each paragraph in the passage)
      2. Application for each Paragraph
        1. (One for each paragraph in the passage)
    4. Conclusion for the Passage
  5. Works Cited Page
  6. Sources should be noted using Turabian format.
  7. Refer to the handout on how to cite Bible software found on Blackboard. Also see www.SAGUPaw.com for citation help.
  8. A Rubric is available on Blackboard.
  9. Consult the example found on Blackboard.

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