The Value Of Gnotobiotic Life Forms In Research

The Value Of Gnotobiotic Life Forms In Research


Answer 8 short answer questions on article

1. State the value of gnotobiotic life forms in research.
What is the job description for a good gnotobiotic lab technician?
3. Fill in the missing information:
Gnotobiotic animals can cost ______ to ______ times more to breed than a standard
animal model.
4. Demand for gnotobiotic technology dropped from the early 1980s through 2005.
What prompted a renewed interest & demand for gnotobiotic life?
5. Fill in the blanks:
While once thought strictly genetic, it is now believed that the microbiome plays a role in
diseases & conditions such as ________________, ______________________,
_____________, and ______________________ disorders.
6. Why might one argue that the gnotobiotic animals are not truly gnotobiotic?
7. The definition of gnotobiotic varies somewhat. Craig Franklin, director of the
Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center (MMRRC) at the University of
Missouri devised “complex gnotobiotics”. What are complex gnotobiotics?
8. State one way complex gnotobiotics be helpful to researchers?

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