Theories and Relevance

During this course you will be asked to respond to discussions using peer-reviewed articles that you find. Also, you will be required to find research articles to support your analysis in assignments. Capella has provided a Library Guide to assist you in this process.


Answer the following questions for this discussion. The articles are linked in the Resources:

  • Using Anshel’s (2012) multidimensional components (pp. 11–13), where would you classify Triplett?
  • Where would you classify Yerkes and Dodson? What is the theory behind Triplett’s and Yerkes and Dodson’s original work?
  • If you cannot find the specific theory, what do you think the study is based on, and why (what is your evidence)?
  • Based on a review of more recent literature, are these articles still relevant today?
  • Do they have application in your favorite sport? If so, how?





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