For this assignment, you will examine how two theories could be compared in their application to an everyday learning situation. You will describe the basic tenets of each theory. Use theory-specific terminology to hypothesize how the person in the case study has learned things so far that has resulted in the current challenge, and what will likely come next. Then, you will provide a theoretically-grounded and evidence-based solution to the problem.

Assignment Instructions

Choose one of the provided case studies from Learning Theories: Case Studies. There is no need to re-copy the case from the presentation into the paper. Use the case name in the title of your paper, and that will suffice to let your reader know which person you will be working with.

Choose two learning theories from the list provided. Notice that you may be using theories not covered elsewhere in the course. If there is a specific learning theory you are currently working with in your studies that is not in this list, and you would prefer to use it, check with your instructor about using it for this paper.



To complete this assignment, you will need to:




Additional Requirements