Theory to Practice New Media in the Classroom

Theory to Practice New Media in the Classroom

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Theory to Practice

Innovative educators throughout the world have proposed and implemented various applications of social networking and other digital tools of communication in classrooms and other learning environments. At the same time, a critical literature on technology and social networking finds that technology can be as much or more a hindrance to learning than make a useful contribution. The associated debate suggests there may be limits and boundaries to consider before bringing the latest technologies of information and communication into learning environments.

As another week in the course and another course in your doctoral program wind down, consider the future of teaching and learning and the ability of education and technology to support 21st century skills.

In your initial post address the following big question:

  • How can social networking and new technology be applied to support the skills needed for tomorrow’s workforce?

In your response, be sure to address the following:

  • Identify a specific skill needed for tomorrow’s workforce.
  • Provide an example from the course resources illustrating how technology has been applied to facilitate this skill.
  • Critically evaluate this application of technology and method, offering suggestions of how a different approach could have been efficacious.
  • Extend this critical analysis to your field of specialization, evaluating how a similar technical approach could be applied and providing an example.

Technology and the role/usage of social media with learners, of all ages, is an ongoing question.In imagining the future of teaching, consider how teaching and technology may look/sound.Considering 21st century skills, consider how we are preparing our learners to be innovative thinkers who are problem solvers, creative, and collaborative?In this post, you want to respond to each of the questions around social networking and technology being utilized to support the workforce of the future.This includes identifying a specific skill that you feel is the “most” crucial for the workforce and how technology can support the growth and development of this skill set. Also consider how other approaches could enhance or better support this skill.Provide an example of this skill and use of technology to further develop, hone, or refine it in another field and how a varying approach could be used.For example, if you focus on collaboration in the K-12 classroom, you might consider how collaboration is needed, supported, and utilized with technology as the focus even in teacher professional development.

Make your discussion post at least three paragraphs long (around 300 words). Respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts throughout the week. Each of your responses should be at least 100 words long. Both your initial post and your responses should refer both to your own experience and to content from readings, media, or websites.

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