This assignment brings together all that you have learned in the course thus far.  There is a practical application in business for all companies, and all positions in those companies.  Every occupation requires an analysis of the purpose, typical job duties, physical requirements, working conditions, equipment used, reporting relationships, and qualifications.  You will conduct a full job analysis, then use that analysis to create a robust job description.


Job Description

There are several examples of job descriptions in the Tanglewood Casebook (supplement to Staffing Organizations). A sample job description has been provided that was pulled from the information provided in the Tanglewood Casebook. Please use this sample as the template for the position that you are researching. You will create an original job description using this sample as a model. Do not copy a job description used by O*NET, on the internet, from a printed resource, or already completed by anyone or any organization. You may gather ideas and information from these resources and then decide what information and what elements for the job description are necessary. Spend time investigating what you need to complete this project. There are many great resources to help you. Consult the Judge et al. (2022) text. It provides many of the needed resources and hints for accomplishing your task. SHRM.org and O*NET are great places to start (remember the O*NET resource is a required resource for this project). No in-text citations are to be included in the job description itself; they must appear in the discussion of the job analysis that is to follow. You do not need to include a title page prior to the job description. Note that a job description is the result of a job analysis process, not the beginning. Look at Chapter 4 of the Judge et al. (2022) text for details of the job analysis process to help you on the way to the job analysis.


Job Analysis

You will write a 6–8-page paper that addresses the 6 questions at the end of this document. When formatting your paper, the job description must be placed first (before the title page). The job description, title page, and reference page do not count toward the required number of pages. You must include an introduction and a conclusion to the paper. The topic of the questions may be used as section headings to assist in the flow of the paper (e.g., job analysis methods, process, and sources used, essential functions for the position, etc.). You must include at least 5 peer-re- viewed resources. Course materials must also be included in your paper, but do not count toward the total number of resources used.

1. What methods, processes, and resources did you use in the job analysis? How did this lead to your final job description? This is the point where you must refer to the sources that you consulted in creating the job analysis but be sure that most of the discussion focuses on the processes. Look at Chapter 4 of the Judge et al. (2022) text for de- tails on the job analysis.

2. How did you decide on what knowledge, skills, and abilities were “essential job functions” for this position? How do you recommend that a company update and maintain job descriptions? When should this description be reviewed?

3. What methods, process, and resources might you use if you were conducting this job analysis for an organization and wanted it to be thorough and complete? For example, would you work with a method such as the use of a committee on the process, or a re- source such as an employee’s work journal?

4. Discuss 3 external recruitment resources and 1 internal resource for this position. Discuss 1 additional recruitment tool that you dismissed as inappropriate for this position and ex- plain why.

5. Discuss 3 selection tools for the position and why you made those choices. Discuss 1 additional selection tool that you dismissed as inappropriate for this position and explain why. Make sure that the selection criteria you choose is measurable and legally defensible.

6. How can the job analysis process and resulting job description be used in areas of Human Resources apart from recruitment and selection?

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool. The tool is a starting point for instructors to check overall Academic Integrity and higher scores generally indicate a higher probability of Academic Misconduct. The higher a score the higher the probability that there are too high a percentage of quotations included in the narrative, and/or there are passages that have not been properly cited. 



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