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Tlmt601 week 5 case study 2


Case Study 2: 

Please upload a Word document using APA format for this assignment (see attached for the template). Do a library or Internet search on a Visual Impact Assessment, in two to three pages; please provide a visual impact assessment on any item you wish. You do not need approval from me; however, I do expect the realm of this case study to be tasteful and free of undesirable content. 


Rubric   Category

Point Val. Your Points


Paper meets the specified pages or word   length, demonstrates thorough understanding of the reading assignment,   reflects critical thought, and relates to course content and/or industry   applications. 

Length required _ pages____, __ pages___ turned in.




Ideas and concepts are supported   through resources and/or personal experiences. Case study exhibits   truthful and verifiable statements.




Posts are free of writing errors   (syntax, grammar, etc.)

Try to avoid using needless fillers   i.e. that. I did not count those as errors this time. Also, free of APA   format errors.

___ Errors – 1-4 =.9 5-7= .8, 8-10= .7, 11-12= .6, 13-14= .5,   15-17= .4, 18= .3, 19= .2, 20= .1, 21 or more 0.







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