Topic 2 DQ 3 Comment 6

Topic 2 DQ 3 Comment 6

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The quality improvement I would propose for my facility is a suicide preventions and referral protocol. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in United States (US). This is especially common amongst veterans and healthcare professionals like nurses who work in high stress areas like Emergency department (ED) and professions like first responders, fire fighters and police department who experience traumatic events in the line of duty. My facility is a critical access that serves a diverse and wide community with the next nearest referral health facility 75 miles apart. I therefore believe the facility needs a well-structured protocol and referral plan in place in the event we receive a client who may need these services. This plan should include training and retraining of staff on basic ideas like; how to identify potential suicide clients, how to protect oneself from harm while handling at risk clients, emergency measures should a suicidal client go on a rampage, suicide care environment

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