Topic 5 DQ 1 Comment 1

Topic 5 DQ 1 Comment 1

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Nursing care is holistic; it encompasses the patient as the center and it surrounds it with presence, communication, human touch and care. Spiritual care can be given without the presence of religion. Patient do not only have physical and emotional needs, they also have spiritual needs. My definition of spiritual care in nursing is to be presence for our patients, with the ability to understand the patient’s needs to the extend of reaching out to those who might help the patient furthermore. In our hospital we have the ability to call spiritual care to talk to out patients. Spiritual care is addressing the needs of out patients, these needs might medical in nature. For example, when a family member loses a loved one, there might be many questions that could be religious in nature and facilitating the communication between a chaplain and them could ease or help transitioning to acceptance.

To understand spirituality is to know that spirituality and religion are to different entities. A person can be spiritual without being religious; but religion can connect someone with spirituality. In other words spirituality is universal and very broad, it might cover many concepts and two people might not practice the same concepts in their daily life.

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