Topic 5 DQ 2 Comment 4

Topic 5 DQ 2 Comment 4

I need help with a Health & Medical question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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My strengths are the ability to listen and empathize with my patients, no matter their backgrounds. But I have learned through the years not to engage in spiritual talks unless the person brings it up first. This may be a weakness on my part, in terms of witnessing to others, but I have learned that those who are not seeking will often reject what is said to them while trying to convince others of their views.

I am blessed to have well educated people in my life, and a family I trust to make decisions for me, should anything happen. I feel that in the event I end up incapacitated with an uncertainty to my recovery, it would be the lives of my family members burdened by mine, and they should have the final say in what happens to me – or if I even get treated. Yes, I believe doctors have the obligation to treat patients who are likely to make a recovery, but ultimately I believe that patients who are oriented should be able to accept or refuse any treatment. In terms of family members choosing refusal of care for someone who would most likely recover, I believe that the hospital should petition the court for guardianship.

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