Truth Lost Its Meaning in America

Truth Lost Its Meaning in America


Watch the video Vice News: How Truth Lost Its Meaning in America (see attachment) and think about your own networks and filter bubbles. Next choose one of the following topics in the news: Climate change The #MeToo movement Economic inequality , consider your position on your chosen topic. Your essay should have three sections with proper citations to news sources and reading. The first section should lay out what your informed beliefs are on your chosen topic. What do you believe about this topic and why? For example, if you believe Climate Change is caused by humans but that it is possible to reduce its impacts, where did you get that opinion? Consider where your opinion comes from and how much of that comes from your media consumption and how much of it comes from interaction with others. The second section should lay out what you see as the limitations for your personal filter bubble through the lens of your chosen topic. Are the sources you have in your feeds/routines reliable on this subject? How do you know and judge? Are there voices out there you ignore or don’t come across? Why do you avoid them? Give two examples of sources you avoid, two examples of sources you consume often, and what each has to say on the subject. The third section should be a self-reflection on how you can expand your view of different news outlets, and how you can expand your “type” (ie, TV, Radio, Internet) of source. Discuss how your chosen type may also influence what you see/hear/read. Do you think engaging with some of the sources you avoid would make you better informed? Why or why not? Conclude your essay with what you have learned from this exercise and if you will change your habits going forward.

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