Try  to  find  interesting  topics  from  people  or  things  you  are  familiar

Try  to  find  interesting  topics  from  people  or  things  you  are  familiar
with. For example, you can discuss financial decisions of your employer (e.g., using futures
markets  to  hedge  risks)  or  share  your  investment  experience  (e.g.,  trading  options  on
individual stocks).
You may want to study related literature on the topic (books, academic studies, reports and
news articles), and try to back up your arguments with facts.
3. The should have more than 700 words but less than 1,200 words.
4.You must cite a reference when you1:
­ Discuss, summarize, or paraphrase someone’s ideas
­ Use numeric data, such as statistics or other data

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