two part question

two part question

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Unit VII Discussion Board Question
How much does your perception of the narrator of your selected film influence your evaluation of the “truth” of the argument that the film makes? Explain why (and be sure to list your movie and narrator).
After answering this question, post at least one question of your own, focusing on other issues discussed in Chapter 7 that you also see as part of the film.

Film Essay
In these films, very specific claims are made on information, inferences, and judgments. Do you agree? What is your analysis of the main argument’s strengths and weaknesses?
 If you do agree with the film’s conclusions, what information, inferences, or judgments carry the most weight with you? Why those? As you write, you may include other information that you bring to this topic. What are the inferences and judgments you rely on as you take a position on the topic?
 If you do not agree, then explain why in terms of the information provided and/or the inferences and judgments made. What’s “wrong” with or about any of them? What information do you have that counters the information cited in the movie? What do your inferences and judgments lead you to believe is the truth about the issue?
Your essay should be no less than two full pages in length. If you use outside sources, please cite and reference them according to APA standards.

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