you are required to submit to me a typed report of 10-12 pages including the following:

1. The total number of hours that you worked as an intern.

2. A description of the tasks and responsibilities that you actually performed in your internship and what you accomplished. (Keeping a journal, as suggested above, will make this task easier.) This should include a description/analysis of how these tasks were similar to or differed from what you had anticipated before you actually began the internship and what you learned from these differences (if any existed). (The final paper is NOT simply resubmitting the journal.)

3. A description and analysis of your learning experience. This includes a summary of the insights, skills and content knowledge have you gained. Also, you MUST explain how your experience in linked to what you have learned in other Political Science courses, i.e., how it is linked to such topics as democracy, theories and forms of representation, different political ideologies, government structures, political processes, socialization, foreign policy, policy making and analysis etc. and/or specific political science concepts and theories; did the courses prepare you or not for this internship and how and/or to Political Science in general. This is a CRITICAL ELEMENT of your paper so you should keep this issue in mind throughout the internship..

4. A description of the strengths and weaknesses of this internship and what you liked or enjoyed about the experience.

5. A summary of whether or not you would recommend the site of your internship to other students and why.