Number of pages: At least three full pages (not including cover page or references page) with 1.5-line spacing. Page count shall not exceed four pages.
Font and point size: Times New Roman font at 12 points.
Margins: One inch top, bottom, and each side
Line spacing: 1.5-line spaced
Literature citations: The paper must have your NAE citations and at least two additional different literature citations on a separate page. You can have more than this minimum number of citations, but the two non-NAE citations must be from 2008 or more recently. You can include no more than two web site non-NAE citations in your paper, but understand that web site citations are not counted as the two non-NAE citations minimum.
Use a standard citation format (e.g., MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.). Pick one format and be consistent.
paragraph about your major and how your chosen engineering discipline will work to solve this challenge. this should include at least one additional reference(from 2008 or more recently) specific to you major.(my major is industrial engineering)

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