U.S. Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education



In this unit, we return once again to the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard at the link below and begin to compile information, make basic comparisons, and illustrate trends.

U.S. Department of Education. (n.d.). College scorecard. Retrieved from https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/

You will see the names of a number of schools as well as each school’s statistics for total undergraduates, average annual cost, graduation rate, and range for salary after graduation. You should see a list of colleges and universities that present all three statistical areas. Ignore any in the list that do not present all three areas.

To assist you with the tasks below, click on the Creating a Bar and Pie Chart Guide.

Create a bar graph to display the Graduation Rates of each of the institutions. The bar graph should be labeled appropriately with a title and a legend.
Create a pie chart to display the Average Annual Costs of the listed institutions. Split these into whatever amount ranges that you would like.
Calculate the range, mean, median, mode, and standard deviation for the Salary After Attending from the institutions. In your response, include the list of all the values that you included in your calculation, and then provide an answer to each calculation. For helpful instructions, click on the Range, Mode, Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation Guide. In addition, the website below provides some helpful tips in calculating standard deviation:
Math is Fun. (n.d.) Standard deviation formulas. Retrieved from https://www.mathsisfun.com/data/standard-deviation-formulas.html

Place the bar graph, the pie chart, the list of all values, and the answers to each calculation into one document. At a minimum, you will need to cite the U.S. Department of Education website. For your reference, the citation for the U.S. Department of Education website for this assignment is below:

U.S. Department of Education. (n.d.). College scorecard. Retrieved from https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/search/?degree=b&major=public_administration_social_service&state=AL&sort=advantage:desc

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