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The post Ukrainian Look at the following Ukrainian words containing the sounds [s], [ST, Words containing the sounds [s], [s’], [S], and I’). The sounds [s’) and S’) are palatalized variants of [s] a U are palatalized variants of Island 11: see the discussion in Section 2.4.6. The words have been arranged to help you identify minimal [s] si a. [ls] ‘fox’ [lis’] ‘sheen’ [hus] ‘lest 5. [mıska) “bowl’ [miſka] ‘little mouse’ (miſ’i] ‘mice’ E. (sapka little hoe’ [Sapka] ‘hat’ 1. [sila strength’ fila] “she sewed’ IS’ist’]’six -. [sum) ‘sadness’ [fum] ‘rustling’ [sudi] ‘trials’ [s’udi] “hither’ [kof’i] ‘baskets – [sosna] ‘pine’ [s’omij] ‘seventh’ fostuj] ‘sixth’ [posadu] ‘job’ (acc.) [pos’adu] ‘I will occupy’ appeared first on academicacers Essay writing service.