Unit 5 ip collective bargaining

Unit 5 ip collective bargaining


 Deliverance: 4pages

Select an educational environment of interest (e.g., K–12, higher education, or corporations). Using the library, Internet resources, or independent research, locate a sample collective bargaining agreement or union contract that is representative of something you could encounter in this organization.

Evaluate the agreement or contract from the viewpoint of the organization’s management and human resources (HR) perspectives. Select key provisions of particular interest to management or HR. Create a business matrix (table) in Word using the following contract assessment matrix template:

Click here to download the contract assessment matrix table.

Use the template to summarize your analysis of key provisions and potential impact on management of the organization. Finally, focus on 3 of the potential challenges. Conclude your matrix product with a thorough discussion of your suggestions for addressing the challenges.

Document your sources, and include in-text citations as well as a reference list following the discussion.

Please submit your assignment.

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