Using Tests: Achievement and Aptitude Tests

In Week 2, you selected three standardized tests that have relevancy to your specialization or a related profession and focused on the testing purpose, population, content or constructs assessed, and test user training. In Week 5, you focused on analyzing the evidence for the technical quality of your three selected tests. 

In Chapters 7 and 8 of your Psychological Testing and Assessment text, you have been learning about test utility, test development, item analysis, and test use in a variety of settings and test-takers. In this assignment, you will apply those concepts to your selected tests when evaluating their materials, scoring, and technology.

For this assignment, locate a minimum of six resources (a minimum of two sources for each test) pertaining to the materials, scoring, and technology of the three tests. You will not be required or need to have a copy of your tests to complete this assignment. You may use many different types of references and sources to obtain this information about your tests. These references may include journal articles, literature reviews, MMY reviews, and test publisher websites. In almost all cases, you will be able to locate some level of information on these elements.


Lists of Tests by Type

  • 1) Intelligence/cognitive abilities.
  • (2) Achievement/aptitude.
  • (3) Personality.
  • (4) Behavior.
  • (5) Adaptive behavior.
  • (6) Neuropsychological.
  • (7) Career/business/organization.
  • (8) Autism.
  • (9) Depression.
  • (10) Preschool.
  • (11) Behavior analytic skill assessments.
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