Using Tests: Clinical, Counseling, and Neuropsychological Assessment

This assignment, or final course project, is a culmination of the previous assignments you completed during this course and the application of APA ethical principles and multicultural assessment practices. In this assignment, you will select one of the three tests you have reviewed in previous assignments and defend your selection based on the synthesize of your previous research. In addition, you will apply APA ethical and multicultural assessment practices to your selected test and propose steps to adhere to these practices in one’s specialization or a related profession.

For this final assignment:


  • Select one of the 4 tests you reviewed for the previous assignments.


  • Intelligence.
  • Aptitude.
  • Achievement.
  • Personality and behavior.



  • Defend your decision to select this test over the other two tests based on a synthesis of all the data and information you gathered on your selected test throughout the course.
  • Identify highlights, both positive and negative, both advantages and disadvantages, according to all of the elements researched.
  • Locate research for evidence of fairness and test bias for your selected test.
    • If the research or reviews do not address fairness or test bias in any way, then you will need to cite the references you reviewed and note that they were lacking in addressing fairness or bias, drawing appropriate conclusions for when a test is lacking such evidence.
  • Identify multicultural assessment practices and guidelines that should be followed when administering, scoring, and interpreting your selected test.
  • Apply APA ethical principles on assessment practices (9.01 through 9.11) to your selected test.
    • For each ethical principle, explain how you would follow each principle if you were using your selected test in your specialization or a related profession.


Instructions for the content of the paper will be attached

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