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please respond to your peer s posts from an fnp perspective pt15

March 19, 2021

You will have 30 minutes to complete the Video review.
·      Each video is followed by a quiz with 9 questions, which is completed through blackboard.
·      The first 7 questions are about the video content and are auto-graded.
·      The last two are short essay and must be graded by the instructor.
·      The rubric for the last two questions is linked below (PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT).
The short answer questions are shown below so you can prepare your answers in advance.
1) In one to three sentences, what is your “takeaway” from this video?  That is, what did you learn?
2) In one to three sentences, how does this video relate to economic concepts you are learning in this class?
 HERE is the link for the video for which the quiz is about: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/actually-the-world-isn-t-flat-pankaj-ghemawat/

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