Video review assignment 2 | History homework help

Video review assignment 2 | History homework help



  1. Briefly explain the speaker’s point (s). What did you think was the most interesting thing(s) he or she said?
  2. What moral theory (theories) do you think is informing the speaker’s thoughts? You can use general theories (utilitarianism, Kant, etc.) or specific theorists (Hobbes, Kant, Aristotle, etc.). Make sure to fully explain your answer, showing what it is that the speaker said that led to your answer.
  3. Do you agree with the speaker’s moral reasoning? Why or why not? Be sure to explain your own reasoning , whether it be something we studied or another perspective. Do you think that the speaker’s ideas would work to achieve the speaker’s goals? Why or why not?


I will be looking to see that you understand the moral theories you describe and can identify specific things the speaker said that reminded you of the theory(s) you mention.our answers should be at least 150 words for each of the three questions for each video. You will answer these in a word document. Please be sure to clearly label and separate your responses to each of the three talks you respond to. Also, for each talk you write about, please make sure to clearly number your responses so that your instructor can tell which question you are responding to. Keep in mind that the first part of the question asks you to critique the speaker’s moral perspective (what you were talking about in question 2). Do not simply state that you agree /disagree –you need to fully explain why. As an example, to say that the speaker “disagrees with my morals” or “values” is not an acceptable response. You need to explain what those morals/values relevant to the issue are and then show how the speaker is at odds with them. If you are agreeing or personally undecided, you still need to explain why. If you are undecided, please explain why. For the second part of the question, the same issues as I just mentioned apply, but you are critiquing whether or not you thought that the information/claims the speaker made are or are not accurate and/or whether or not you think that the speaker’s ideas will successfully achieve the goal the speaker is talking about (whether or not you agree with the goal).





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