Part 1:
1. Let’s start with that “narrative hook” in the first sentence. Write 3-5 different first sentences that will grab the reader’s attention in regard to the topic of LGBT & Hate crimes. (Bullet pointed is fine).
2. Outline a paragraph setting forth the problem in the study.
3. Briefly summarize the related literature about this problem. (1-2 paragraphs).
4. What are the deficiencies in the literature?
5. What audience would find your study of interest?
Section 2: Create a Purpose Statement using one of the paragraph templates in the below:
Part 3: Creating research questions:
Write 4 central research questions followed by 5- to 7 sub-questions that could be used to investigate the concepts of LGBT & Hate crime:
Section 2:
Use one of the outlines below in order to create a purpose statement. Should NOT be verbatim as the original template outline.
The purpose of this ___________________________ (strategy of inquiry, such as ethnography, case study, or other type) study is (Will be?) to ______________________ (understand, describe, develop, discover) the ________________________________(central phenomenon being studied) for _____________________________(the participants, such as the individual, groups, organization) at ______________________________(research site). At this stage in the research, the ________________________________(central phenomenon being studied) will be generally defined as ______________________________ (provide a general definition).
The purpose of this ___________________________(experiment, survey) is (was, will be) to examine the relationship (compares, relates) between the _______________________(independent variable) to __________________________(dependent variable), controlling for ___________________________________________(control variables) for ____________________________________________(participants) at __________________________________(the research site). The independent variable(s) __________________________________will be generally defined as ________________________________________(provide a general definition). The dependent variable(s) will be generally defined as ___________________________________, and the intervening and control variable(s), __________________________________________(identify the control and intervening variables) will be statistically controlled in the study

For more information on Violence Against LGBT People read this:

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