Instructions: As a capstone project for the course, you are to write an argumentative essay on any topic of your choosing. Think of something that really
interested you this term, either in class readings, discussions, or even from current events or your other interests in life; go back to the “ideas that excite me,”
if you would like. You may decide to write on a topic from your PHI 100 Journal or Discussion Board activity. Be sure that your essay is written in the 3T style
and has: (1) a clear thesis statement, “tell us what you are going to do”; (2) adequate support for your thesis based on reputable research, “tell us” first
explain “the why” and then give examples, the “that”; (3) two or three rebuttals to the opposite position; and (4) a strong conclusion, which does not simply
restate your thesis, “tell us what you did”.
Content: Your essay should be informed by what you have learned about critical thinking this semester.This means that your thesis (conclusion) should be
supported by true and logically relevant evidence (premises). Your language should be clear and terms should be well defined so that they are not ambiguous
or vague. The ways in which your premises relate to your conclusion should be apparent to your reader (good form). In addition, you should research support
for your opponent’s view. If you are arguing that happiness is subjectivist, you will need to consider why some people think that it is objective. Consider at
least two or three reasons that your opponent might provide to support his/her thesis, and respond to these points. Why are your points stronger?
Again, be sure to adequately define and explain all terms that you use in your essay. Recall that when we do not adequately define our terms, we run the risk
of (1) equivocating, or using a term in more than one sense in a single argument, or (2) preventing clear communication of ideas to our readers.
Structure: Your essay should be at least 800 words (between three and four pages, double-spaced using 12 pt. Times New Roman font). Please edit your final
version, as it must be free of spelling and grammar errors.
You need to include a bibliography at the end of your essay. You may cite your sources using the Chicago Manual of Style or MLA. But, please be sure to cite
all sources, even when you are paraphrasing, and do be consistent with your style of citation. Failure to cite sources properly will result in automatic failure of
the assignment. You must list at least three reputable sources other than your textbook in your bibliography. If you are unclear as to what is considered a
reputable source, please ask me. If you need assistance with creating accurate citations, please consult this website:
As one source please use material from the textbook “It Begins With a Question” ISBN – 978-1-5165-5179-8
Please make sure to include a bibliography at the end in MLA format

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