FALL 2021
PHS 3506
The text of the paper should be 2-3 pages (more than 2 pages, not more than 3 pages), left-justified, doublespaced, with 1-inch margins in Times New Roman, 12-point font. Title, author name and date should be
provided on a cover page and not part of the 3-page requirement. Write in full sentences (no bullet points). A
list of references in alphabetical order is required and not included in the page count, use APA format. PubMed
or other resources for primary literature should be used and not web pages. Do not use footnotes. In-text
citations are required. Figures should be not included in the body of the document but rather attached before the
reference list. All figures should be referenced in the text. Papers must be submitted electronically as a Word
file (.doc or .docx) or PDF to the CANVAS assignment by 11:59 PM on Thursday, December 2, 2021. Any
assignment received after this deadline will be considered late and is not eligible for full credit.
Choose one specific virus from the following families of viruses covered in class:
(For example, HHV-8 from Herpesviruses or Poliovirus from Picornaviruses)
Please address each of the following in narrative form:
• Provide a description of the virus
• DNA or RNA, naked or enveloped, type of capsid, etc.
• Describe any specific viral attachment proteins
• Describe the process of transcription and translation of the viral genome.
• Which enzymes are involved? From virus? From host?
• Identify templates, intermediates and products
• Discuss any important gene products (polymerases, virulence factors, etc.)
• Where does replication take place?
• How is virus assembled and released?
• Discuss the site of infection, including
• Mode of transmission (inhalation, fecal-oral, etc.)
• Discuss any specific tissue tropism
• Include any primary and secondary sites of infection
• Discuss the major diseases caused by the virus
Format for references (hanging indent) & in-text citations:
Single author (in-text citation (Kennedy, 2020)):
Kennedy P. (2021). An overview of viral infections of the nervous system in the immunosuppressed. Journal of
neurology, 268(8), 3026–3030.
Two authors (in-text citation (Aschner & Herold, 2020)):
Aschner, C. B., & Herold, B. C. (2021). Alphaherpesvirus Vaccines. Current issues in molecular biology, 41,
More than two authors (in-text citation (Kachuri et al., 2020)):
Kachuri, L., Francis, S. S., Morrison, M. L., Wendt, G. A., Bossé, Y., Cavazos, T. B., Rashkin, S. R., Ziv, E., &
Witte, J. S. (2020). The landscape of host genetic factors involved in immune response to common viral
infections. Genome medicine, 12(1), 93.