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June 4, 2021

voting behavior and demographic factors.
Paper details:
Essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Your essay will demonstrate an understanding of the course material plus material you find through research of other materials and its application to everyday life and/or its relationship to real-life situations.
Less than 50 percent of eligible voters turn out at national elections (and less than 25 percent at some local elections). Explain the relationship between voting behavior and demographic factors.
When answering this question, look at how our age, race, gender, economic class, religion, and other demographic factors affect our choice to vote or not to vote. Which groups are most likely to vote? Why? Which groups are most likely to be apathetic toward voting? Why? How can voter turnout be improved? When writing your essay, be sure to add material from sources other than class material. Research and support your arguments with information gathered in your research.


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