watch 2 videos on ted.com than answer the following questions below

watch 2 videos on ted.com than answer the following questions below

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Watch both the “amy cuddy” and “disaster strikes” Ted Talks for week 8. Post your thoughts on how body language influences effective communication. Also, think about situations where effective communication must “emerge” such as when disaster strikes. Post your thoughts on how concepts we’ve covered so far relate to these TedTalks and how you are modifying your approach to communication in a professional/business/organizational setting.

(Your post should be 2-3 paragraphs. Post once and comment on two of your peers.)

– plz do not use too many advanced words

these are 2 comments of my classmates .. i have reply to their comments



Throughout this entire course I have learned a lot about how our body language affects our communication. Before this course, I never knew how much you can learn about someone by not even speaking to them. After reviewing my first intro speach video, I started to understand how body language is a huge indicator of how someone is feeling. For example, I wouldn’t even have to tell you that I was nervous during my intro speach, because you could already see this emotion from the way I was standing, my posture, and the way I was moving my arms. I guess I was always focused on not sounding nervous, when I should have been more concerned with not looking nervous. I thought Amy Cuddy’s Ted talk was very interesting, and I do think a lot of her points were true. Just as much as body language expresses emotions, I do beleive that it also influences how you feel. For instance, I remember one time I was nervous because I had a job interview. I remeber my stomach started to hurt, I started to doubt myself, and I just wasn’t feeling good about it. However, I knew I still had to go anyways, so I snapped myself out of it, I stood nice and tall, put my shoulders back and as I walked in, the nerves started to subside and I did actually start to feel confident. With that being said, I do think Amy Cuddy’s advice to fake it until you become it is so important. I do beleive the more you practice these behaviors, eventually they will just come naturally.

As discussed in the “When Disaster Strikes” ted talk, effective communication is crucial when problems arise whether it’s within the workplace or in a community. Caitria and Morgan had to use their effective communication to help their community overcome the crisis that they were facing. After a tornado hit their hometown, it caused hysteria within the community. Fortunately, through their effective communication, Caitria and Morgan were able to help calm the community down, solve problems, and acquire the resources that the community needed. Caitria and Morgan’s story is the perfect example as to why effective communication is important. Life is very unexpected. So you want to make sure that you have the right tools to navigate through unforseen situations.



After watching Amy Cuddy Ted talk “Your body language may shape who you are “, I began to analyze how often we have tendencies to posture our body a certain way without even realizing. Someone’s body language usually helps us predict our future actions with those individuals. It can be either when trying to hire someone or something casual such as dating. Most of our nonverbal expressions can convey whether we are confident around others or not. Expressions such as happiness, sadness, pride, and anger are common expressions all humankind share. The example she gave about her students in her business class made me realize that I truly identify with the gender grade gap where all genders are highly qualified, yet one gender seem to be more extroverted than the other when It comes to sharing their opinions.

Body language can be impacted by many factors such as hormones and power. Power is usually associated to an alpha male but it’s not always the case, the individual who has a higher stress management can become more powerful. After watching “How to step up in the face of disaster” by Caitria and Morgan O’Neill, I realized how many times we are faced with urgent situations and are unable to resolve matters because we overthink everything. As they describe how quickly they had to become in charge of the whole situation once they got to the church, it made me realized the strong leadership skills they possess which guided them to help their community. They could not rely on anyone to help them come up with solutions, but all they relied on was their first instinct to prevent future emergencies.

After watching these two Ted talks, I realized how effective communication is key in order to resolve emergency situations and how body language can influence our interactions with others. Situations where time is limited, we must come up with solutions as soon as possible. I find myself to overthink many times leading to wasting time were solutions could have fixed the problem. Reflecting back on what we have learned in this course I realize how the way we communicate with others is our primary tool to act efficiently without wasting time. Body language affects the way other see us and interact with us .I have realized that I tend to cross my arms many times while I speak to others but now I will try to modify crossing my arms and have a more relaxed or natural posture because as I have learned crossing our arms or legs can indicate being close to others ideas.

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