Week 2 DB Prompts fastessayy fastessayz Bystander Rules

Week 2 DB Prompts fastessayy fastessayz

Bystander Rules

You should have read a few of the bystander law cases in the book and the powerpoint. The general rule is that if you don’t cause the harm, you are under no duty to protect or come to rescue.  Should we change this and require you to come to the aid of someone in need? Why or why not? What could be some of the pitfalls if we do make that a legal requirement?

Here is a video that specifically puts this issue to the test. (apologies for a little foul language).

Calling the Bluff

You are negotiating a new labor contract with union officials. The contract covers a plant that has experienced operating losses over the past several years. You want to negotiate concessions from labor to reduce the losses. However, labor is refusing any compromises. You could tell them that, without concessions, the plant will be closed, although that is not true. Is bluffing ethical? Under what circumstances? What would Kant and Mill say? What is your Life Principle?

Be sure to create at least one original post in response to ONE of the prompts above and two reply posts to your classmates.

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