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June 5, 2021


Week 3 Discussion

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Ethics and Advocacy Laws

Clients often require case management services because they find themselves unable to approach agencies on their own behalf. This may be due to physical or mental health issues, and case managers can help clients through advocacy. There are many ways that case managers can advocate for clients. Case managers may recommend specific services for their clients. Case managers may also contact outside agencies on behalf of their clients. Finally, case managers represent their clients’ level of physical and mental health in their clients’ absence.

When case managers advocate for clients, ethical and legal concerns may arise. Case managers must make themselves aware of laws regarding advocacy. Laws regarding advocacy can help case managers address legal concerns, and the National Code of Ethics can help them to address ethical concerns.

In this Discussion, you examine the legal and ethical issues and guidelines surrounding advocacy.

To Prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review Chapter 8, “Case Management Issues With Special Populations” from the Course Text.Consider the approaches case managers take when assisting individuals who belong to the groups described.
  • Review the article, “Which Low-Income Urban Crime Victims Use Trauma-Focused Case Management and Psychotherapy Services?” Consider the factors that may predict potential clients’ likelihood of seeking case management assistance.
  • Review the article, “A Fine Line to Walk: Case Managers’ Perspectives on Sharing Information with Families.” Consider an ethics-oriented perspective when you think about the situations described.
  • Review the article, “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Infant Mental Health Enhanced Case Management for Dependency Populations.” Focus on the particular needs of clients who might require a great deal of advocacy on the part of a case manager.
  • Review the article, “Case Management as a Significant Component of Usual Care Psychotherapy for Youth With Disruptive Behavior Problems.” Consider the approaches taken by case managers.
  • Review the code of ethics of the National Organization of Human Services. Think about the qualities of the various responsibilities outlined.
  • Select a virtual client.
  • Consider ways in which you might advocate for the client.
  • Consider the laws you have discovered that might apply to the individuals in your caseload of clients.
  • Think about ethical issues that could arise with each of your cases if you are not careful.
  • Imagine how you might proactively handle any of these issues.

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