week 7 assignment 31 – Custom Nursing Help

week 7 assignment 31 – Custom Nursing Help


Critical Infrastructure 19904075

March 6, 2021

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March 6, 2021

Scenario: You are the City Manager of a city of about 500,000 about 10 miles from the U.S. border and your City Council has identified a city of comparable size 20 miles on the other side of the border with which they want to develop a successful sister city relationship. For this exercise you can use either the northern or southern border. The City Council has tasked you to develop the outreach and plan for the first meeting. Outline the agenda and protocols for the first meeting.
Cover page with assignment, your name and class. Do not use headers or footers. The cover page does not count as part of the 3-5-page count.
Summary: from the readings summarize the description of international collaborations, how to develop international opportunities and relationships, and maintaining international relationships.
Pay particular attention to the sections on creating international opportunities and the examples, developing international relationships and the examples, and the section on universities and international collaborations.
Analysis: Evaluate and analyze (using the information in your summary) the steps you would take to develop a sister city relationship with a city across the U.S. border.
Recommendations: Using the readings, develop a plan for working through difficult issues. The difficult issue is that each city is adamant about wanting the first meeting in their city. Working with your counterpart in the other city, develop a plan to resolve this issue. Working with your counterpart in the other city, develop a(n) (implementation) plan to resolve this issue. Also include a plan to maintain the international relationships. Pay particular attention to the sections: working through difficult issues, maintaining international relationships, and the summary and conclusion.
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