Week 8 Assignment

This week you learned more about decision-making, and the six-step decision making process. For this week’s assignment, you need to think about a manager that you have either worked for or worked with, or a decision that you have made as a manager yourself, and provide an analysis of that decision based on the the six-step decision making model in a two-page paper.


  • What was the decision that needed to be made? Provide some context regarding the decision.
  • Who was involved in the decision-making process? Who would be affected by the decision? 
  • Describe the decision in terms of each of the six steps of the decision-making model from this week’s readings.
    • Were any steps missed?
    • Were any steps not addressed thoroughly enough?
  • Was there any bias in the decision? If so, describe it. If not, how was bias kept out of the process?
  • What was the ultimate outcome of the decision? 
  • What would you have done differently as the manager involved in the process based on what you have learned about decision-making this week?


In your two  page paper (not including title page or reference listing) you are required to have a minimum of three relevant sources from the UMGC Online Library for support (other than the text book). Keep in mind that whenever you use an idea from an outside source you must include a properly formatted APA Version 7 citation. You also need to have a properly formatted reference listing on the last page of the paper (reference listings go on their own page.)

Please review the grading rubric for the assignment!!!!!!


Fully address these questions. Please make it right this is my final exam for this course!!!!



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