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Tashana Lopez

Back in the 1800s, unions and the law was fuzzy. There were no specific laws on the books to encourage or discourage union formation, so the law was essentially created by the courts. This is called common law. Common law addressed whether a union and its actions constituted civil or criminal conspiracy. Criminal conspiracy occurs when two or more people come together and plan to commit a crime (they can be charged even if the act is never carried out)(Criminal & Civil Conspiracy Doctrine in Labor Law, 2017) . “In order to charge all those, who become members of an association, with the guilt of a criminal conspiracy, it must be averred and proved that the actual, if not the avowed object of the association, was criminal” (Bennett-Alexander, 2015, p.768). The labor movement is not meant to help people commit crimes. It is meant to help improve working conditions.

The court realizes that employers can be unjust. An employer can take advantage of an employee that is desperate for work. By doing so, this can cause a hostile working environment, unfair wages, etc. It is more effective when employees come together to voice their opinions of the employers policies. It is easy to ignore one person complaining, but not multiple people. When done right and legally, unions do more help than harm.
Yes I agree with the courts decision. Unions may represent a group of employees and negotiate a contract with an employer to their mutual benefit. However, if the union uses tactics to try and force an employer to give more than he is willing to give then we have a sinful, unBiblical, oppressive situation. No Christian should support such activity which is actually criminal extortion. 1Peter 2:18 states, “”Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.”


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