Welcome to E-Commerce  report and welcome to Keighron Digital Consulting Agency

Welcome to E-Commerce  report and welcome to Keighron Digital Consulting Agency, we are so happy you have joined our team.

We would like to assign review your first client with our organization – STOKK Construction – https://www.stokk.ca/. This organization needs help defining their digital footprint and E-Commerce presence. They typically work with architects, but their could also be a market for working with consumers with the Mill work, so please investigate and pursue the best approach. Please See attached E-Commerce Instructions very carefully for more information.

Here are the areas that you will be accessed on:

  • • Review and provide a brief report on the current status of your assigned business presence online (website, social channels, and applications etc.)
  • • Complete an Internal (SWOT- TOWS), External (SWOT- TOWS), and GAP evaluation of the assigned business to figure out how this business can build an online strategy. Build an online strategy for this business based on what you know from your review and your analysis. MARKS 20
  • • Recommend key platforms based on the businesses needs (e-commerce, content, e-mail, CRM, platforms) and build a plan for how this organization can create a successful E-Commerce Presence (add timeframe and steps to implementation plan). MARKS 10
  • • Build a Digital Marketing Plan including SEO, PPC and Content Plan for assigned business. Make sure to use the Digital Report Card, SEO, Content Strategy and PPC Plan from your mini assignments. MARKS 20
  • • Develop a Gantt Implementation Plan of all suggested activities and timeframes for what assigned business must carry out based on all your recommendations. MARKS 5
  • • Writing style and presentation MARKS 10
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