What are the Security Challenges Faced by Wireless Networks

What are the Security Challenges Faced by Wireless Networks


Paper instructions:

SECTION B: SHORT QUESTIONS 1) What are the security challenges faced by wireless networks? 2) Three major concerns of system builders and users are disaster, security, and human error. Of the three, which do you think is most difficult to deal with? Why? 3) Hackers and their companion viruses are an increasing problem, especially on the Internet. What are the most important measurers for a firm to take to protect itself from this? Is full protection feasible? Why or why not? 4) Is the cloud a safer and more secure computing environment than an in-house network? Why or why not? 5) You have just been hired as a security consultant by MegaMalls Inc., a national chain of retail malls, to make sure that the security of their information systems is up to par. Outline the steps you will take to achieve this.

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