ExplaWhat are the three key components of diversity management?
How are they important when companies are considering using diversity management techniques in the workplace?in how organizational performance can be monitored. (10 Marks) 2. The following data applies to a Copperbelt company: Maximum output in 2007 100,000 products, Machines used 10; Design capacity 200,000 products; Resources used KI0 bn; Value of output- K9 bn; Cost of labour – K2 bn. From this information, calculate the following: (20 Marks) a. Labour productivity -pral padwettatn b. Capacity c. Efficiency d. Total productivity C. Utilization. 3. Define and explain the following terms: f. Partlal productivity (10 Marks) Prad Nity that dehto tog g. Effectiveness A Mrar h. Capacity I. SOPS Lou a 00enntin See and ncdiaw bechalqur dleavtling A oum ohreuncialteprr