What do the results of this study demonstrate [Rosenthal and Fode].

What do the results of this study demonstrate [Rosenthal and Fode].


Paper instructions:

QUESTION 4 A child notices that after he is tucked in bed at night and the light is turned off, he can’t see much of anything. But if he keeps his eyes open, over time he can see his toys scattered around the room. He doesn’t know it, but this dark adaptation comes about because of the O improved sensitivity of his rods over time O improved sensitivity of his cones over time O improved sensitivity of amacrine cells over time O presence of horizontal cells in his eyes

QUESTION 5 A psychological researcher might operationally define liking for a stranger as which of the following: the number of behavioral operations an individual is willing to perform to gain a stranger’s attention O how frequently the individual smiles at a stranger during a brief interaction O how the brain operates when an individual views a stranger he or she likes the private thoughts that an individual has about a stranger

QUESTION 6 In the study by Rosenthal and Fode that was discussed in class, some students were led to believe that the rats they were training were maze-bright and other students were told their rats were maze-dull, although the rats were actually all the same. What do the results of this study demonstrate? rats are more intelligent than previously believed. O study participants may intentionally alter their responses in order to help the experimenter. study participants overweight hypothesized explanations. O researchers may inadvertently alter the results of an experiment to confirm their expectations.

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