What is renewable energy?

What is renewable energy?

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Assessment 5

  • Renewable Energy

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    Write 3–4 pages in which you outline the pros and cons of a selected method of energy production.By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

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    Energy production is essential for our daily lives. Driving our cars, heating and cooling our homes, cooking food, working on computers—almost everything we do—requires energy. As petroleum prices have increased, interest in other energy sources has also increased. The Assessment 5 Context document provides a brief introduction to alternative energy sources. You may wish to review this document for key concepts and ideas on this topic.

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    Questions to Consider

    To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of the business community.

    • What is your opinion on nuclear power as a source of energy? What are the strengths in your position? What are the weaknesses?
    • If someone holds a different opinion about nuclear power than you have, what are the strengths in their position? What are the weaknesses?
    • Has the event at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan influenced your opinion on nuclear power?
    • What were the immediate radiation concerns of the Fukushima disaster, and what are the ongoing issues with radiation? How widespread is the radiation pollution?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass power?
    • Can renewable energy meet growing energy demands?
    • What are the potential environmental and health implications of fracking? Do you think it is a viable method to obtain more fossil fuel resources? Why or why not?
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    Required Resources

    The following resources are required to complete the assessment.

    Capella Resources

    Click the links provided to view the following resources:

    Suggested Resources

    The following optional resources are provided to support you in completing the assessment or to provide a helpful context. For additional resources, refer to the Research Resources and Supplemental Resources in the left navigation menu of your courseroom.

    Capella Resources

    Click the links provided to view the following resources:

  • Assessment Instructions

    The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate alternative energy sources and to understand that there are positives and negatives to the alternatives.To begin this assessment, research a specific renewable source of energy. Then, in a 3–4-page report, outline the pros and cons of this method of energy production. To build your argument and support your evaluation, address the following:

    • Identify and analyze the economic considerations (such as the cost per kilowatt for large-scale renewable energy source, costs of construction, and so forth) of using this method of energy production.
    • What are the environmental benefits of this energy source?
    • What are the environmental downsides, if any, to this renewable energy technology?
    • Analyze the risks to human health associated with this technology.
    • What conclusions have you reached with regards to this topic, and why?

    Additional Requirements

    Use the APA Paper Template (linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading) to format your report.

    • Written Communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
    • Length: This report should be 3–4 pages in content length. Include a separate title page and a separate references page.
    • Font and Font Size: Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced. Use Microsoft Word.
    • APA Formatting: Resources and in-text citations should be formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
    • Number of Resources: You are required to cite a minimum of 2 scholarly resources. You may conduct independent research for resources and references to support your report. Provide a reference list and in-text citations for all of your resources, using APA format. You may cite texts and authors from the Resources.
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