What are the principles that you need to know if you want to be active in sports, state and example the components of motor skills that you needs to improve?

2-how physical education give positive impact on diversity of racse and cultures

3- physical education actually affects individual or race directtly . In your opinion, how physics education affected youin improving your cognitive skills , social skills and attitude?. What is the alternate name for the first cervical vertebra? 2. To what cranial bone does the first cervical vertebra articulate? 3. What type of the projections of this cranial bone articulate with the first cervical vertebra? 4. What is the alternate name for the second cervical vertebra? 5. What is the name of its vertically oriented projection that articulates with the posterior arch of C1? 6. What type 7. What do these spaces contain? Review Questions: Thoracic Vertebrae 1. Name the two locations of articular facets on thoracic vertebrae that other classes of vertebrae l 2. What are these additional facets surfaces used for? of feature is the space in the transverse processes of cervical vertebrae called? 1. How does the size of lumbar vertebrae compare to that of the others? 2. What is the functional significance of this size difference? Intervertebral articulations (lateral view) Vertebrae articulate such that the inferior articular processes of a given vertebra articulate with the the vertebra below it, and the superior articular processes of a given vertebra articulate with the of of the vertebra above it.